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14/12/2020 09:05

Travellers are advised that ALL travel, including cargo and foot passengers, needs to be booked and paid for prior to travel.

Latest times for bookings are listed at the bottom of each timetable.

Please plan your travel in advance to ease the load on our call centre staff.

Face Coverings Onboard Vessels

19/6/2020 11:20

The wearing of face coverings on Orkney Ferries vessels became mandatory on Monday 22 June. Passengers are reminded that they need to provide their own face coverings.

Our Conditions of Carriage have been amended as follows: The Passenger, Consignor and Consignee of Cargo agrees to the wearing of face coverings by all users over the age of 5 years. This is mandatory from the point of embarkation to the point of disembarkation whether accommodated in inside or outside spaces. Passengers remaining in their own vehicles on crossings less than 30 minutes duration may remove the covering provided vehicle windows remain closed. Where specified physical or medical conditions preclude the use of a face covering, this must be advised to the crew at the point of first contact.

Shapinsay Timetable

26/4/2021 14:00

Further to the national relaxations of Covid restrictions, the Shapinsay timetable will revert to a full summer service from 2 May 2021


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